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Friday 20 September 2013 10:28
Facebook Is a Tool for Spying
Hi Dear friends in Facebook, a collagenase informed me last night that it is possible to enter Facebook without filtering”
Facebook Is a Tool for Spying

TEHRAN (Asremrooz): following publishing a news based on removing filtering on Facebook, Kharrazi , former diplomat and embassy of Iran in France, in his page on Facebook has written strange statement. He showed his pleasure for removing filtering and has written “Hi Dear friends in Facebook, a collagenase informed me last night that it is possible to enter Facebook without filtering”. He continued that “people can enter to this great social network without VPN. It was good news and I wrote it in my page happily. Some weeks ago I visited on of the main security members of Iran and asked him why do you consider Facebook as an anti- security page? He said unfortunately some officials do not understand the difference between security and technology. It is more than thirty years that they have considered technology issues as security ones. They considered video player as an uncultured tool caused million dollars exported from the country”.
Mr. Kharrazi, it is better to know that filtering is not just performed in Iran, on the other hand in most countries filtering is used for publishing books and movies.
In France where you were they filtered Holocaust issue and they did not allow playing Kuki Porteghal Movie there and other European countries. Although you accused Iran officials, you should know that they filter Iran’s network and channels and do not allow that Iranians who are out watch them.
You also were among these officials and you should know that Facebook ,a Social network, has been created for spying in order to collect the information. It is possible to gather statistic society in all the countries.
Not only security issues but also immoral text can be published in Face book. The sedition occurred in 13888 was the result of the meeting held in this network.
Do you remember that in 1388 some changes were performed in Facebook but there were not done by officials because they did not want to lose this opportunity?
Meeting titled Tiregan and boys and girls played and splashed water was a ceremony in Israel and it holds there every year. Those arrested in this party confessed that they were invited by Facebook.
We hope that the official have appropriate reaction in these issues and do not allow those who their statement make tension in the society.
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