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Sunday 1 September 2013 17:01
Salafi prohibit tomato as Christian
Egyptian Salafi group has warned people against eating tomato since when cut horizontally, it reveals a Christian sign.
Salafi prohibit tomato as Christian
TEHRAN (Asremrooz):An Egyptian Salafi group has prohibited people from eating tomato.

The Islamic Public Society of Egypt stated on their Facebook page that when cut, tomato reveals the Christian cross, therefore it will be a sin for Muslims to eat it.

"To eat tomato is forbidden because it is a Christian fruit. Instead of praising God, tomato praises the cross and the inside of tomato indicates the cross sign instead of God,” the post said.

The post shows a photo captioned with an account of a Palestinian girl who dreams of the Prophet crying and forbidding his Ummah from having tomato.

"If you do not share this post, be sure that Satan is with you,” reads the caption on bright yellow background.

Faced with huge criticism by locals, the group has added an amendment that in case the tomato is cut in a way that the cross does not show, it will be all right to have it.
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