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Tuesday 3 September 2013 16:23
Iran warned against conveyance of sarin to Syria 8 months ago
Minister of Defense says that the US is currently not powerful enough to establish a military balance in Syria.
Iran warned against conveyance of sarin to Syria 8 months ago
TEHRAN (Asremrooz):Fars reports Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan providing comments on recent developments over Syria "The US armed forces currently lack the necessary operational abilities to establish a strategic balance in Syria. Therefore, it intends through limited attacks, both to rebuild the morale of the defeated terrorists and to weaken the operational power of the Syrian armed forces, changing the operational balance in favor of the Takfiri opposition.”

Dehqan added "No doubt, the reinforcement and support for terrorists will entail their viral spread in all political spheres and negative, unpredictable effects on global security.”

Warning of heavy losses to be suffered by the US for following military approaches to Syria, Dehqan pointed to the aftermath of America’s similar action in Afghanistan leading to the formation of a global terrorist web, adding "The September 11 event was the least casualty paid by the people of America for the doomed policies followed by their leaders.”

Dehqan regarded US officials’ ignorance of the public demand for peaceful approaches as a clear indication of a lack of essence of the country’s peace-oriented, reconciliatory mottos, adding that the country threatens Syria with military attack on charges of using chemical weapons while it disregarded Iran’s warnings of the transportation of the sarin gas to Syria 8 months ago, "practically laying the ground for chemical operations in Syria.”

Providing comments on Obama’s relegation of the decision on a military attack on Syria to the Congress, he said that it is clear that under the pressure of Zionist lobbyism, the US government intends to disown the repulsive aspect of such an action.

Iran’s Defense Minister finally stressed the need to resort to the public opinion of the Syrian nation from all social backgrounds in order to find a political solution for the ongoing crisis.
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