What is recommended to do on Ramadan 21th?

30 Jul 2013 15:10

Laylat-Al-Qadr is better than 1000 monthes

Common acts for all Qadr nights
• Best to stay up till dawn and think about the issues which help us keep closer to Allah (SWT). We may ask Him to forgive us in this night which He has promised us the forgiveness for the incorrect acts we have committed.
• Taking bath in special order called Qusl in the evening. First wash head, second the right side of body and then the left side
• Say 2 Raka’at pray, in the first Raka’at after reciting Hamd and 7 times Tohid Surah say 70 times Oh God forgive me “اَستَغفُرِاللهَ وَاَتوبُ اِلَیهِ” it is said that he who say this pray Allah will forgive him and his parents.
• Open holy Quran and say اَللّهُمَّ اِنّی اَسئَلُِکَ بِکِتابِکَ المُنزَلِ وَمافیهِ و اسمُکَ الاَکبَرُ و اَسماؤُکَ الحُسنی وَیُخافُ وَ یُرجی اَن تَجعَلَنی مِن عُتَقائِکَ مِنَ النّار
• Put the holy Quran on your head and say
• Citation of Imam Hussein Ziaratname
• 100 Raka’at Pray 10 times cite Touhid after Hamd Surah
• Cite Salavat
• Cite Imam Sajad (peace be upon him)’s pray
• Cite Joshan Kabir
It is also recommended
• Say pray ,Two Rakats, for Hazrat Vali Asar
• Say pray ,Two Rakats for dead and say اللهم اغفرلی لجمیع المومنین و المومنات و المسلمین و المسلمات"
• Say pray ,Two Rakats for Ahla-Bait
• Say pray ,Two Rakats, For Hazrat Fatima
• Cite Dokhan and Qadr Surahs
What is recommended to do on 21th Ramadan?
• Say 100 times اللهم العن قتلة امیرالمومنین
• Say Imam Ali Ziarat
• Say اللهم صل علی محمد وال محمد و اقسم لی حلما یسد عنی باب الجهل

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