Telephone negotiation with US had no benefit for Iran

سايت خبری YJC , 6 Oct 2013 16:19

Lawmaker says that the Majlis agrees with the Supreme Leader in believing that the telephone conversation between the Iranian and American presidents has not benefited Iran.

TEHRAN (Asremrooz):The Spokesman of the Majlis Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy Hossein Naqavi Hosseini pointing to the Supreme Leader’s speech on Sunday about recent Iran-US relations said "What Obama said in his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister showed that the telephone talk with the US has had no benefit for the Iranian nation.”

"The Majlis’ overall evaluation of Iran’s foreign policy delegation as was headed by Rouhani is positive,” he added.

He then stated "Beside these positive actions, some acts were not considered in line with our national interests. For example the telephone conversation between the two presidents is not clear whether it was done with favorable regards of the Leader. So far no clear answer has been given to the Majlis on that.”

Naqavi further said that Foreign Minister Zarif has been called to the Majlis to present a report on the events of New York, including the Obama-Rouhani conversation.

He added "Obama’s statements in meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister showed that the conversation has had no benefit to Iran and that the US statesmen speak even more boldly than before.”

Naqavi’s statement that the Majlis’ holds parallel views with the Supreme Leader’s come one day after the Leader’s speech and only ten days after the Obama-Rouhani telephone conversation.

It goes despite the fact that the Supreme Leader of Iran made no specific mention of any part of the Iranian delegation’s actions in New York as unfavorable.

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