Asremrooz 10 Sep 2013 16:47 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Ties between Israel and Egypt are getting stronger -------------------------------------------------- Hebrew media sources said that one of the outcomes of the military coup in Egypt is the stronger bond between the Israeli entity and Egypt, noting that both of them want to keep their warmer relationship under wraps. content : TEHRAN (Asremrooz):Both Egyptian and Israeli authorities enjoy not only tactical cooperation on the ground, but also a convergence of strategic interests, considering the dramatic chain of events in Egypt since 2011, Haartez newspaper stated. It is very hard to predict the coming months, but at least in the short term, Israel s security situation on its southern and western fronts has seen a major change for the better, the Israeli analyst on Middle East issues Amos Harel said, in reference to the recent military restrictions on Rafah border crossing and the demolition of the tunnels that were the life line for the besieged Gaza strip. The newspaper pointed that the Israeli-Egyptian relationship has been improved and restored after a period of frosty relations during Mohamed Morsi's time in office. "The Egyptian generals knew how to show their gratitude and Israel is pleased with operations against terror in Sinai and Hamas in Gaza" Haaretz added. According to the American press, Israel went to great lengths to smooth things out between the new Egyptian regime and the United States. For the Egyptian generals it was very important that the regime change not be labeled a military coup. Even though the events in Cairo were a coup in every sense of the word, it seems that it was in the American administration's interests to prevent that term from being applied. Israel and its supporters, mainly on Capitol Hill, also played a part, the Hebrew newspaper said.